Women’s Personal Trainer and Pre and Postnatal Specialist

Helping women, of all ages, to feel good: through pregnancy, motherhood, the menopause and beyond.


My personal training is not about the number on the scales or a tape measure – it is not centred around looking a certain way or being a certain size. What I want to help you achieve is entirely focused on how you feel: feeling strong, fit, confident, powerful, comfortable and well. Of course exercise comes with numerous physical benefits but the priority is absolutely feeling good.


Women. All women! Your current fitness levels are irrelevant. Your body shape and size are irrelevant. Women’s bodies are simply incredible. And I can help you make yours fitter and stronger and, most importantly, help you to love and appreciate it, even if you don’t like every part of it. Pre and postnatal exercise is my specialism and my passion. Through my qualifications and my own two pregnancies, the second of which was twins, I have extensive experience, knowledge and understanding of how to care for your body through pregnancy and motherhood and can help you exercise and move with confidence to maintain/build fitness and strength and help you feel your best every day.

So if you’re pregnant, if you have children (there’s no timescale on ‘postnatal’!), if you’re approaching or going through the menopause, if you’re feeling fit but would like to build more muscle or if you’re feeling overwhelmed with work and you’re struggling to fit in movement, I would love to help.


How you exercise is so, so significant in terms of the impact on your body and therefore the results you see. We’ll go back to basics and focus on really tuning in with your body to help ensure you are exercising effectively, efficiently and with confidence. We’ll focus on your pelvic floor, core, posture and breathing in all movements, not just during structured exercise. We’ll put together a plan that combines resistance training, cardio and stretching to boost and build your body and mind. We’ll work on ensuring your relationship with food is positive and enjoyable. I’ll be there to motivate you and also help you to fully draw on your own motivation and optimism. Most importantly I’ll help to make regular exercise possible for you – make it fit, routinely, into your life – so that it just becomes part of who you are. Our goals will be based on effort rather than achievement so that you can see the value in every movement and recognise the importance of and enjoy the day to day!


Because you want to feel better. Stronger. Fitter. More confident. More powerful.

Because you want help, guidance and the reassurance of professional support to enjoy exercising and movement and to increase your activity levels, not just for a matter of weeks but long term.

Because you want to exercise and move with confidence and to enjoy the whole process.


We’ll find a time(s) each week for an hour long PT session(s) and I’ll be a message away for updates, questions, praise and motivation!


At my studio in Oxborough, Norfolk, or online.

Let’s get started!

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Client Testimonials

Anna has been amazing! I’ve never really used weights before but after struggling with pelvic girdle pain in my pregnancies I knew I wanted to get stronger, and to do it with someone who knows how to work carefully with new mums. Anna has guided me through with kindness, expertise and humour, especially on days when I’ve been woken up through the night by my little ones. As a mum with 3 under 5, she truly understands! She really listened to everything I said and focused in on the areas I needed specialist support with; it’s made a big difference.

I can really feel and see the change in my body, especially when I’m carrying my toddler around for long periods. I only wish I’d done strength training with Anna during pregnancy to give me a better foundation and a bit more strength and resilience during the physically and emotionally taxing newborn phase.

I’d recommend Anna to anyone, she’s so warm, encouraging and understanding but gets results. Thanks so much Anna! 💛

Ros F
"Anna is amazing! She explains everything clearly and I am able to see exactly what to do. It is also lovely to see Eva running around in the videos, showing it is possible to workout at home with little ones of all ages. I can’t recommend Fit with Mum enough!"
Nicola M
"I enjoyed keeping fit in pregnancy, but after a difficult labour I was nervous about what exercises I could do and to what intensity. I was scared to start but I needn’t have been: Anna differentiates every exercise and so it was I was able to challenge myself, whilst ensuring I was comfortable at the same time."
Emily S
"Anna is such an uplifting, friendly person and really knows her stuff when it comes to pregnancy and postnatal fitness. It was great fun and although I was worried about hurting my vulnerable back, Anna gives brilliant alternatives that aren’t as stressful on the back/tummy especially when pregnant!"
Jo S