Postnatal Personal Training

My postnatal Personal Training is all about helping you to feel good: to feel strong enough to run around after and lift your baby/children; to feel fit and healthy; to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin and to feel empowered by all that your incredible body has carried you through.

So often after birth women feel pressured to ‘bounce back’ and bear no trace of the wonder their body has created. Motherhood changes us and changes our bodies and we should celebrate them more than ever at this point. My personal training is not centred around weight loss, though this is of course a benefit; it is about helping you learn how to help to rehabilitate your body and feel fitter and stronger than ever. 

Creating sustainable habits

We will focus on cardiovascular exercise and strength training as well as making sustainable adaptations to your general activity levels and nutrition. As ever, your movements are central to your body’s recovery and we will specifically focus on core engagement, posture, breathing and the pelvic floor, during exercise but also during everyday movements so that it will soon become second nature. 

Carrying and birthing a baby puts a lot of pressure on your body and can sometimes leave you with signs and symptoms of this strain. All too often women are expected to simply suffer unpleasant effects and there is sadly very little information and advice available to women about how to help prevent and alleviate symptoms such as pelvic floor weakening and ab separation. 

You don’t need to suffer

Exercise can help improve and relieve some lingering signs of the strains of pregnancy as well as giving you a much needed mood and confidence boost. The ‘postnatal period’ extends far beyond those initial first few weeks/months after delivering your baby and it is never ‘too late’ to make changes and feel like you again if you feel you’ve become a little lost along the way. 

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