Women’s Personal Training

‘Comparison is the thief of joy’

If we all ate the same and moved the same we still wouldn’t look the same. Exercise shouldn’t be about trying to look a certain way. Obviously it can help to change your body and losing weight or building muscle are absolutely goals I would love to help you achieve. But the true beauty and power of exercise lies in its ability to make you feel instantly better as well as generally better and healthier and also in the way that it helps you to value and appreciate your body as it is right now. For me, it’s not about before and after photos. They give no insight into how a person is feeling which is surely the most important thing. Being lighter doesn’t necessarily correlate with being happier. Very often, if being light is achieved through excessive exercise and nutritional restrictions the opposite is in fact true. There’s no joy or satisfaction in constantly chasing a particular body. There’s joy in optimism and accepting and valuing your body as it is whilst putting in the effort and making time to feel better and stronger, both physically and mentally, and enjoying the day to day.

Everyone has their own barriers, motivations and goals. My job is to help and support you to find a way to achieve those goals in a way that works for you and that you will enjoy.

We will put together a plan that fits around your lifestyle and exercise preferences that combines cardio and resistance training. I will design workouts that will help you to achieve your specific goals. I will show you how to perform each exercise effectively and efficiently. And I’ll help you stay motivated and optimistic and enjoy the journey.

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