Fit With Mum

Online Postnatal Specialist Exercise Classes Coming October 2023

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Fit with Mum:

– Postnatal specialist online exercise classes
– 2 live classes a week: 1 x 50 min full body workout (no weights) and 1 x 20-30 min strength training (weighted) workout
– Don’t worry if you don’t have any weights for the strength training session – you can do it using just your body weight or you can use tins of beans or water bottles etc
– All classes are designed to support and strengthen your body after pregnancy and birth: we focus on your core, pelvic floor, posture and breathing, throughout all movements
– I offer adaptations/modifications for all exercises so you can easily increase/decrease the intensity
– Suitable for all fitness levels
– Don’t worry if you can’t make the live times as you have a week to complete/repeat each class


Pay monthly: just £20

To sign up just click the link below and complete the form and I will email over payment details.

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